Code 1 Transport – Is it worth the risk?

Everything we do comes with risk. Grocery store aspirin can cause GI bleeds, a poorly prepared cannula can cause life threatening sepsis, and the regrettable, but increasingly popular, ‘ondansetron flush’ can give your patient dystonia; it also gives you a chance of winning a staring competition with the 3-year-old in the adjacent bed.  All of … Continue reading “Code 1 Transport – Is it worth the risk?”

Paediatric Red Flags

Using the paediatric assessment triangle Identification of the critically ill child is a crucial skill every paramedic should have in their tool kit. Moreover, the swift recognition of these patients is paramount to effectively treat and optimise their physiological state. For this reason, we have to become experts in subtly. In essence, our priority is … Continue reading “Paediatric Red Flags”

Advice for new Paramedics

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement” Experience is something that graduate paramedics inevitably lack. However, the perspective that comes with experience can be shared and it can influence our culture, and ultimately what type of people our novice colleagues grow into. Today, I want to share with you advice that … Continue reading “Advice for new Paramedics”

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